Cristina Verdaguer

Cris is our expert in personal training focused on female healthy and the menstrual cycle. Here is what she tells us about herself! 

I am Cris, I am very passionate about sports, the outdoors and my work. For the last 8 years I dedicate myself to personal training. Sport is the core of me life, my engine. It symbolizes freedom, adrenaline rush, self improvement. It is the element that makes me feel better every day with myself.

Over time, I have specialized in health and the female body. As a woman and as an athlete, I have learned to listen to what my body tells me, to observe what happens in it, to understand when it is better to train and what exercises feel better based on my mood. I believe in women, in their huge potential and in teamwork. Following my introspection and some conversations with clients, I understood that training and physical improvement should be closely linked to our hormonal cycle.

Often, physical exercise is stereotyped. In my daily work I try to fight against it and motivate the people I work with to achieve their goals through sport. What most fills me is to address the challenges of my clients and accompany them until their achievement. I always learn along the way. In my day to day, I am inspired by the contact with nature, by feeling air in my face and discovering new places by foot.

If you would like to talk to Cris directly or try a personal training session you can always contact her directly through email at or through Instagram

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