Jésica Terrón

Jesica is an NLP Coach, specialist in relations and communication.

She is passionate about personal development, although the path she took at the beginning was different, it was studying business and dedicating herself to banking. Then that wonderful day came when she realized that her relationships were disastrous, each of them stole a part of her and she felt lost and confused, she didn’t know how to be alone, she didn't value herself.

This made her think that she had to learn to respect others, talk to them wisely, and somehow to please them. But what about oneself? We have learned to look for on the outside for what has always been inside of us. Valuation, love, security, trust.

As consequence we end up disconnecting from our being, feeling tired, frustrated, insecure.

If you don't see your own value, you will always pick people that don’t see it either. Resulting in empty, toxic and unequal relationships. 

Through coaching, NLP, mindfulness Jesica managed to transform her life and now accompanies others to achieve and maintain the relationships they deserve.

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