Taller Madre Selva - Natural and Ecological Cosmetics

We welcome to the Aura family Taller Madre Selva!

Soon we will open our online store and put at your disposal our favourite products; the revitalizing, balancing and nourishing facial serums (depending on your skin type) and the marigold body soap. We want you to try them so bad because we have already done it and they have left our skin soft and new!

In general, we love all the cosmetic products of Taller Madre Selva because it shows that they are handmade, taking care of each ingredient.

  • Products certified and made from raw materials of the highest quality.
  • Cosmetics formulated from complete and pure vegetable ingredients, carefully combined, seeking synergy for results.
  • Elaborated and packaged by hand, paying special attention to each stage of production.

Taller Madre Selva includes two product lines, Natural Madreselva Cosmetics and Kimera Biocosmetics (organic cosmetics).

Therefore Taller Madre Selva offers products of a careful selection of both NATURAL Cosmetics and BIO Cosmetics, made from plant extracts in an artisanal way and with top quality raw materials.

If you want to know more, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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