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Wai Wai - Sustainability at a Round Price

We love Wai Wai's philosophy of offering democratized organic and natural products, what it means without paying extra costs for the brand tax, just for the cost of making the product.

They claim that the costs of distribution, storage, replacement, marketing, and "breakage costs" multiply the final price of a product that moves as "brand tax" and gets paid by the consumer. On top of that, organic products tend to have a higher price for the type of production and the highest quality of the products. The output is that sometimes people would like to consume organic products but maybe they just can not afford them.

With Wai Wai the processes have changed in the way that they have simplified the steps so that the product costs as little as possible and enjoys the highest quality. One way to see it is in its round prices of the products, without cents, so that the consumer is not confused.

They carry out a thorough quality analysis that ensures that each product aligns with the values ​​of ecology, sustainable cultivation, respect for animals and without any artificial components. They mostly offer cosmetic and hygiene products as their facial cleanser; a natural anti-inflammatory soap with an active carbon that gently cleanses the skin and that for some might be familiar from our Aura Beauty Ritual Box.

But in addition to natural cosmetic and hygiene products, they also sell bathroom and home accessories and packs with various types of items. Check out the full range of products here.

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