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How to reach alignment by being at peace with your cycle

Our holistic and spiritual expert Keira shares with AURA girls her tips on how to feel balanced during our menstrual cycle, to be connected to our womb.
Your womb space and your yoni are sacred. This space within you is your ultimate power center. It is where the wild-woman lifeforce energy emanates from and exudes through us and out into the world. So why do so many of us often neglect this part of our being, our natural cycles?
Maybe you experience pain, lethargy, cravings, or sadness during your cycle and this causes you to feel disconnected from your womb space. But, what if instead of neglecting her, you listened? 
Your menstrual cycle is your chance to be self-reflecting. It is the time to rebalance and find what is and what is no longer serving you. As we shed the lining of the womb, may we also shed the energies we are holding onto that we no longer need to carry with us.
The key to making peace with your cycle and your womb space is to make them sacred again, and here is how I do this:

  1. Accept your period. Often times we get upset or annoyed by our body "inconveniencing" us, causing us to slow down when maybe we feel the pressure to go, go, go. Accept that this is a time when your body requires you to take a step back and relax. Allow yourself to take a break, to say no, to stay in, and to even leave your work to be finished another time. See if you can release this self pressure and just be in your beautiful femininity!
  1. Create a ritual. One of my favourite ways to feel more connected to my period is to follow a routine or ritual that makes me feel good and sensual. One that I can perform each cycle and add to as I please. For me this includes a warm bath, candles, putting on a face-mask, having a green juice and journaling. Treat yourself. Give your body and mind what they need, more self-care and love, without feeling bad about it. Journaling is a key part of my period ritual, it serves as a way for me to be more introspective. 

Here are some prompts for you to get into this healing and reflective energy during your cycle: 
How can I show my womb more love? 
What am I giving energy to in my life that is not serving me? 
How can I fill myself up with energy that makes me feel more in touch with my true essence?
What emotions am I feeling now that I am scared to release?
Take some time to ponder these questions and to get real with yourself. You might be surprised how at ease and light you feel after a good journaling session.

  1. Get grounded. Sometimes our period brings with her stored emotions that need to be released. Don't judge yourself or the emotions that come up. You are a woman, and one of your best gifts is that you FEEL deeply. When you are feeling emotional, get connected to the earth. Stick your feet in the dirt or sand, take a dip in the sea, or take a walk in the forest. Breathe deeply and absorb the beauty of nature surrounding and supporting you. 
  1. Get creative. Not only is your period a time of reflection, but it is when our creativity and intuition are at their highest. This time in our cycle we are so powerful, we have energy within us that is looking for an outlet to be expressed. Find something that feels good for you to create and go for it! This can be painting, beadwork, dancing, maybe even a short story or poem. Utilize your creatrix energy to infuse your magic into something you can express that is outside of you. 
  1. Move your body. When we are on our period, what is most nourishing for our body is simple, slow, fluid movement, instead of intense workout. My favorite exercise to perform during my period is 'hip circles'. Hip circles reduce menstrual and low back cramping and they also allow us to sink into our sensual, feminine energy. To do these, sit somewhere comfortable cross-legged and place your palms on your knees. From here, push your chest forward and circle your body around, starting from your hips, clockwise. Do this about 10-15 times and then change directions. The more you press your hands into your knees, the more leverage you have to make some really nice, deep, and releasing hip circles.

Remember that your period is a sacred time, a time to honor who you are at your core. You as a woman are so powerful, so wise, so beautiful, and you deserve to feel connected to these truths. Take the time and energy to reconnect with your yoni, your womb, and your period, because when you do, you are acting out of complete and total self-love. This you deserve. 

Keira Kroin 
Holistic & spiritual mentor

If you'd like to connect with me further on my offerings such as 1-on-1 coaching or womb healing sessions, please reach out and connect with me on Instagram or via email at

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