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#SomosCómplicesNoRivales, an Inspiring Story

Not too long ago, Social Media made us a gift. In full vortex of work: preparing posts, designs, articles... we came across a very special initiative. We are talking about the campaign #SomosCómplicesNoRivales (We are accomplices, not rivals). It caught our attention because the message reminded us so much of AURA that it almost seemed like something we had written.

But behind this beautiful idea there was another beautiful mind, another woman with hope, with high expectations and excitement. An entrepreneur who believes that strength is in the union, and not in the competition between women. We thought that @laralaritacomplementos, or Begoña, if you go beyond the world of screens, hit the nail on the head.

Begoña, through her brand of personalised accessories with feminist messages, is a creative mind that has found a way for motivation to be wearable. With messages such as "We Are Tribe", "Together It’s Easier" or "Sorority", she creates jewellery pieces that inspire unity and community. And, of course, we love it!!
But it is in one of her recent campaigns where she has definitely conquered AURA’s heart. Through her #SomosCómplicesNoRivales initiative, she has created a space of trust and confidence in Social Media where many women have opened and expressed themselves, telling their personal stories and sharing their desire to become accomplices.

We wanted to chat with Begoña, to get to know her more personally and to share with AURA readers what her point of view is regarding women, education in feminism, the period and how her menstrual cycle affects her creative process. We’re sharing her answers with you, and we thank this fempreneur for opening up for AURA:

- What is the concept you have about the period? That is, we understand that if you suffer painful periods you will see it as a negative experience, or maybe it is during those days when you allow yourself to relax and rest. Or, on the contrary, you feel good and energised, even experiencing greater libido. Tell us who you are during your period days.
All my life I have suffered long and painful periods. So when my period comes, I do not receive it with great enthusiasm to be honest, hehe. I have always experienced an intense Premenstrual Syndrome, having strong pain and mood swings... But once I was aware of the reasons for these changes, I endure them better. I assimilate it is what it is and that I take it as best as possible.

- How does the period affect your creative process? Do you notice any difference in your way of working, of creating, depending on which phase of your cycle you are in?
If I'm honest, I think so. The days before my period, I feel much more meticulous, sensitive and inspired. With a high desire to do things and to create. I hadn’t stopped to think about it, but now that you ask me, I think so. Undoubtedly, the hormonal changes affect my creative process, and I think it's for the better.

- As an entrepreneur, we know you can’t afford to stop, that your work hours are endless. What is the worst thing about having your period? That which makes it more difficult to continue with your day to day. And how do you fight it?
The worst part is the discomfort you experience. You just do not feel comfortable at all. I bear with it as best I can, eating chocolate at all times! Hehe.

- Now that you're a mother, we’re sure you've thought a great deal about the best way to educate your son. Have you thought about how to educate in feminism and the knowledge and nature of women? What are the key points you want your son to understand?
Yes, the truth is that since I am a mother I am much more aware of the role of women and the vision I want my son to have about his mother and about other women. Without a doubt, I am trying to educate him on equality. By not differentiating between boy or girl toys, by letting him feel free to dress as he wants, by showing him that at home mom has the same tasks as dad, by seeing the body of his mother like something natural, with its curves and its attributes. By embracing boys just as much as girls, by showing that externalizing feelings is courageous. My son is still too young to understand some of these things, but I have very clear values ​​that I want to convey to him.

- Thanks to your initiative #SomosCómplicesNoRivales and the project you have undertaken by creating your brand, you have built a space of trust for many women, where they have opened up and expressed themselves. You are sending an incredibly valuable message of unity and community. Do you think, until now, women have talked enough about their period and that they have as much information about their menstrual cycle as they should, or you believe there is still a long way to go?
Thank you very much for your words. I love seeing that we create community, that we support each other and that we respect each other. Sorority seems to me an essential value to keep us together. I think us women, we speak openly about our period, we understand and support each other. However, I think we lack information and education about our menstrual cycle. When I wanted to get pregnant, I learned many things about our menstrual cycle that I did not know before. Without a doubt, it is essential to know our body better and understand it.

- What do you think AURA can bring to the 21st Century Women, to followers like yours?
To learn how to enjoy their period. To receive it with a smile and to take it with humour.
It has been a real pleasure to have this conversation with Begoña and to discover that the entrepreneur shares our same ideas and dreams. It is at times like these, knowing women like her, when our motivation multiplies and our work at AURA makes more sense than ever.

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