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Should the period smell?

Should the period smell?

This is something that some women often ask themselves. There is not much talk about this subject but surely you have noticed that menstruation has a particular smell.Β You may also wonder if there is any way to eliminate it. Don’t worry! It is completely natural and in today's article we will explain how to control it and when to worry.
sports training and menstrual cycle

Sports Training on Your Period Days - What Not To Do

We always emphasize that in order to have good feminine health, it is not enough just to have an anti-inflammatory diet, you also have to live a healthy lifestyle and do some sport every week. The only problem is that sometimes our body doesn't make that easy for us and we don't feel the same way every day. Therefore, this week we want to dedicate the blog’s article toΒ sports training adapted to the menstrual cycle.
menstrual cycle books

The best books about Feminine Health for this Christmas

Since it's almost Christmas and some of you will have more free time, we made a list of the books that we liked the most this 2019. All of them deal with menstrual health issues and how to improve them. Those who like to read and/or are interested in the subject, take a look at this list with books that all women should read once.Β