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Anti-Cramps Box
Anti-Cramps Box
Anti-Cramps Box
Anti-Cramps Box

Anti-Cramps Box

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Do you usually have menstrual cramps? This box contains your personal ritual to forget about cramps and take care of your body and mind. Our experts have selected products that will help you create your painless ritual.

Inside your box:
✓  Essential Oil by Laguna Moon: to apply on the pain area or energy points - aromatherapy and natural extracts will relieve your cramps.
✓  7 Tea Bags Women’s Balance - Yogi Tea: natural tea with traditional Ayurveda ingredients combined to restore the feminine balance.
✓  2 Bath Bombs by IDC: a warm bath with these soothing and calming salts will relieve your pains naturally.
✓  Fruit & Nut Bar Despertar de Buda - Iswari: high-fiber organic snack - perfect to reduce cramps and give yourself a treat.
✓  Golden Milk - Sonnentor: the star drink to fight inflammation - do it yourself with these high quality natural ingredients.
✓  Intimate Soaps - Innocence Therapy: ecological, natural and delicate soap designed to balance your most sensible area.
✓  Expert Advice and Tips to fight Menstrual Cramps;
✓  Samples of organic beauty products.

Extra benefits:
✓  Discounts on natural brands.
✓  Access to our Private Women's Health Community with our experts; 
✓  Access to our expert Events and Webinars;
✓  Material and guidance to learn to control your menstrual cycle;
✓  Delicious recipes monthly to help you with regulate your cycle;
✓  -20% on in-person or online consultations with our experts.

Try it! You will love your box!

Any doubts? Contact us, we will help!