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Beauty Ritual Box
Beauty Ritual Box
Beauty Ritual Box
Beauty Ritual Box

Beauty Ritual Box

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Your personal conscious beauty ritual based on your femininity. Balance your body and mind, show the world your beauty in the most natural way. Products selected by our experts to reduce the impact of the period on your skin and body.

Inside your box:
✓  Wai Wai Facial Cleanser: natural anti-inflammatory soap with activated charcoal, softly clears your skin and provides luminosity.

✓  Byphasse Facial Mask: natural clay mask for deeply nourished, smooth and protected skin.
✓  7 Tea Bags Detox - Yogi Tea: This tea with Ayurvedic ingredients will purify you from the inside, relieve bloating and balance to be beautiful on the outside.
✓  Organic Kitchen Body Cream: pamper the body with this all-natural cream, massage softly and nourish your skin.
✓  Natural Foundation Stick - Benecos: no-additive natural foundation lets your skin breathe and cover some imperfections that may have come out.
✓  Ananke Cosmetics Perfume: soft and natural perfume to feel beautiful, cared for and have the confidence to achieve anything.
✓  Expert Advice and Tips to Avoid Acne;
✓  Samples of organic beauty products.

Extra benefits:
✓  Discounts on natural brands.
✓  Access to our Private Women's Health Community with our experts; 
✓  Access to our expert Events and Webinars;
✓  Material and guidance to learn to control your menstrual cycle;
✓  Delicious recipes monthly to help you with regulate your cycle;
✓  -20% on in-person or online consultations with our experts.

Try it! You will love your box!

Any doubts? Contact us, we will help!