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Farmaconfort - Night Pads - Aura - Period Subscription Box

Farmaconfort - Night Pads

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Type:  Night Pads with Wings
Package Size:  10 Units

Farmaconfort Night Pads are made of 100% hypoallergenic and organic cotton. The top layer prevents adhesion to the skin, which reduces the risk of allergy and irritation. Designed to provide the greatest comfort and protection during the night. Without perfumes or polymers.

✓ 100% Pure Cotton absorbent core.
✓ Hypoallergenic, help prevent the risks of itching, irritation and allergies.
✓ They do not contain perfumes or superabsorbent polymers.
✓ Purified without Chlorine or Dioxin.
✓ With protective wings, to prevent them from moving.
✓ Ultra-thin, for greater discretion.
✓ In an individual envelope.

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