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Farmaconfort - Super Plus Tampons - Aura - Period Subscription Box

Farmaconfort - Super Plus Tampons

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Type:  Super Plus Tampons with Biodegradable Applicator
Package Size:  14 Units

Farmaconfort Super Plus tampons for girls with abundant menstrual flow are made of 100% hypoallergenic and organic cotton. They are very easy to place thanks to its cardboard applicator, 100% biodegradable, with a soft and rounded tip, in flower petals. The top layer prevents the adhesion and spread of the microfibers inside, which reduces the risk of allergy and irritation.

✓ Made with 100% Pure Cotton are hypoallergenic and help prevent the risks of itching, irritation and allergies.
✓ 100% Biodegradable cardboard applicator.
✓ They do not contain perfumes or superabsorbent polymers.
✓ They do not contain viscose or rayon (synthetic superabsorbent fibres).
✓ Purified without Chlorine or Dioxin.

Want to know more about Farmaconfort and the ingredients of these tampons? Take a look ✽ Here ✽ !

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