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Naty - Regular Tampons - Aura - Period Subscription Box

Naty - Regular Tampons

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Type:  Regular Tampons with Applicator
Package Size:  16 Units

Naty Regular Tampons are ultra-absorbent organic cotton tampons from the award-winning women's care line for minimal flow days (and with applicator). Eco by Naty’s tampons look and work like other tampons, but with the added value that they are organic, without petroleum-based plastics, synthetic fibers or chemicals that can irritate the pH balance of our intimate hygiene. Fully compostable, ecological and controlled to harmoniously fit our body.

✓ 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
✓  Biodegradable and compostable.
✓  100% TCF (totally chlorine-free).
✓  No plastics. No rayon. No dyes. No bleach or chemicals used. No worries

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