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Ecological Pantyliner- Nur - 20u - Aura - Period Subscription Box

Ecological Pantyliner- Nur - 20u

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Nur Pantyliner is very thin and flexible, ideal for daily use.

Nur uses exclusively 100% organic cotton, cellulose organic pulp from sustainable forests and protective foil from vegetable biocomponents to do its pads. All materials, including packaging, are biodegradable.

They offer a hypoallergenic product, chlorine and perfume free, with a very soft and pleasant touch, which allows the natural perspiration and at the same time guarantees a total absorption. Nur’s pantyliners are comfortable, effective and respectful with your health and with the environment.

✓ 20 pads

✓ 100% Organic cotton core and surface

✓ Breathable

✓ Hypoallergenic

✓ Compostable plastic

✓ Chlorine and perfume free

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